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Real Estate

InfoQuarter helps you in finding the right masonry experts, architects, home-buyers and other bodies beneficial for business in USA. Our service to you is not just about selling you a large database of marketing contacts, but holding you through the process of regular data cleansing, market research, and also through data licensing.

Education Industry

We endeavor to address key data challenges and help educational institutions attain considerable progress by providing unique and perfect data so as to reduce marketing and maintenance costs. Our data services help you to launch productive Marketing and Advertising Campaigns, Target right prospectus anywhere globally across various geographic locations.

Insurance Industry

With our Insurance Industry database, you can target various insurance categories such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, Accident Insurance etc., we have a master database that contains millions of contact information and thousands of records added and managed on a regular basis. Apart from this we also custom build the data according to your needs. Our service is handy in pre-packaged and customized formats.

Casino and Gambling

Casinos are seen as a source of luxurious entertainment for people with disposable income and time. Our industry data includes Standalone casinos, Casino hotels, Riverboat casinos, Bingo halls, Gambling Machine manufacturers, Lottery services, Internet gambling services, Bookmaking, and other gambling services. We work with the Trump administration and the incoming Congress on a range of critical issues, from illegal gambling to tax reform and immigration.

Sports and Entertainment Industry

Flexibility comes easier for businesses where decision-makers are fewer. InfoQuarter’s sports and entertainments Industry data supply their audiences with large-scale sporting events, music concerts, TV situation comedies, and silver-screen masterpieces. Simply put, they're in the business of fun at least most of the time.

Logistic and Distribution Industry

Our database in heavy machinery, retail, industrial manufacturing, and similar areas spans across many countries. Most of our custom-made lists contain contact details of business owners looking for a service and a list of customers who are fetching the information about the distributor. Manual and Automated methods are implemented to improve the supply chain information.

Healthcare Industry

Our years of knowledge in this sector has made us the best data service providers for the healthcare industry. We use artificial intelligence and knowledge-based technologies to assist healthcare professionals and patients that help them make accurate decisions regarding healthcare.

Information Technology

The IT channel plays an elemental role in facilitating the flow of information technology goods and services from producer to customer. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to IT. To assure you receive the right solution for your needs, we work apace with you to custom build IT solutions that address your technology and business challenges.

Transport and Logistic Industry

The transportation & logistics industry forms the strength of modern global supply chains. Airlines and airports, logistics service providers, shipping companies and other transportation companies are part of the process to keep people and products on the move.

Mining and Drilling Industry

The gas and oil drilling plus mining industries are always on the lookout for new methods to boost the lifespan of components exposed to abrasion and shock. Data related to these industries are available with us updated very often.

Oil & Gas Industry

Our extensive data on the oil and gas industry gives you deep insights into the industry. Our wide range of expertise goes into the discovery, production, and distribution of petroleum products, and Petroleum Geology plays a central role in the exploration and production process.

Hospitality Industry

InfoQuarter provides you with the data specified by customer’s requirements and provides details about the hotel industry, and the hospitality provided. This sector comprises of various areas of services which include Restaurants, Lodging, etc. Many fields of the Tourism industry are also a part of the Hospitality Sector. This sector also comprises of the various Transportation industry, Theme parks, and also Cruise line.

Automotive Industry

We interact with business leaders, marketers, and dealers. We stand-out by delivering high-quality data services for exploring marketing view and reach the needs of customers.
The automotive mailing list is sourced from auto service centers, car manufacturers, auto clubs, online info request for auto insurance, auto warranties, gasoline credit card offers and many other auto list niche sources.

Travel Industry

InfoQuarter offers customers the list of services from cost-effective hospitality services in their interests and requirements. It also helps you connect with thousands of travel agencies, airline personnel, hotel directors, villas, game parks, tour guides, who are already searching for you to be yet served.
Our Travel & Tourism Industry has an array of sectors that includes Wholesale Travel, Retail Travel, Visitor Information, Cruising, Tour Operators, Transportation, Services and Events.

Manufacturing Industry

We deliver the data services to build a good relationship between the manufacturing sector and the end users. Manufacturing industries are crucial for an economy as they employ a huge share of the labor force.

Aviation Industry

The airline industry is a dominant economic force, both in terms of its own operations and its impacts on related industries such as tourism and aircraft manufacturing. We provide you Information on industry segments such as market research, consulting, competency management, staffing & personnel.

Finance and Banking Industry

Direct your way to build around and uncover a wealth of financial and investor prospects. When today’s market has become a commonplace attracting thousands of service providers, InfoQuarter stands out by offering verified & targeted list like the Finance and Banking.

Bio Technology Industry

InfoQuarter provides you with the detailed data regarding all the aspects in biotechnology industry such as, the database of the employees in biotechnology industries, based on geographical locations, and also the list of companies which manufacture the products related to biotechnology industry also the list of customers or clients fetching your service or product.

Publishing Industry

Our platforms and tools help connect authors, sales and marketing departments, editorial teams, and readers. It helps you create and share the compelling content on demand to engage and monetize your audience. We provide business-to-business and business-to-consumer publishing enterprises to further reach and start with new revenue streams while renewing your print / digital ecosystem to deliver a compelling content experience.

Retail Industry

Connecting with interfering decision makers helps you gain more information on the retail industry. Renewing the supply contracts you lost earlier it helps you to append and update the data.
InfoQuarter helps you find where the best supply chain deals are targeting and are generated. We have invested in a rich set of solution offerings, accelerators and assets to increase ROI and reduce the time-to-value of your business and IT programs.

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