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Reach your Targeted People at Verified Contact Points.

Inaccurate and incomplete data can not only hamper your campaign results, but it can also drive up costs and damage your company reputation along with it. People keep shifting and so their contact details, regular data verification can prevent bounces from reducing spam rates. We verify data in various ways for best results and keeping a tab on the database to keep it updated is as necessary as creating a database.

What More We Do?

Tele Verification

In the process of Tele verification, all invalid and duplicate contact records will be identified by our team and verified records will be given to you so that you know which contact numbers are still in use by your customers and which ones need updation.

E-Mail Verification

Clean data ensures a smooth flow of the business process. E-Mail verification tools and applications at InfoQuarter help you identify those contacts, which have turned obsolete. You can get fresh records of Email Ids at which your customers can easily be contacted.

How does InfoQuarter help you?

  • Identifies inaccuracies in the database and resolves them.
  • Improves response ratio.
  • Spots missing information and helps in client relationship building.
  • Increases chances to reach targeted people and minimizes time wastage.
  • Helps making E Mail campaigns more efficient and successful.

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