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Learn more about your competition or some targeted accounts using our 360 degree profiling services. This is a unique service in the industry in which, we provide a list of companies and return a comprehensive report with holistic market information about them.

Everybody in the executive, marketing and sales teams can benefit from our insights by investing a very affordable amount per company.

InfoQuarter provides you 360 degree profiling services by making views visual to users who can understand them despite having no technical knowledge of data/databases; with a simple user interface, we are able to provide information quickly without any delay.

Features We Provide:

  • Propositions and advice: InfoQuarter provides suggestions to users/ customers with the updated information of sellers and their interests.
  • Overview of customer activity: Sales and marketing team are provided with a view similar to that of a timeline to get the insights through specific events and details a customer is looking for.
  • Profiling services mainly benefit sales and marketing team also the customer service representatives.

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